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Tensosport® Adhesive Tape

  • This porous elastic adhesive bandage is made from a high-quality extensible cloth providing firm controlled compression and strong support.
  • The reliable adhesive keeps the bandage firmly adhered even throughout lengthy treatment.
  • The yellow central line on the product permits accurate overlap during application.
  • Bleached.
  • 85% cotton & 15% rayon fabric.
  • Coated with natural rubber porous adhesive.


  • To retain bandage in irregular areas.
  • Firm support for injured joints - sprains/strains.
  • To control effusion and swelling.

Features and Benefits

  • Porous adhesive that allows skin to breathe.
  • Firm reliable adhesive.
  • Fluffy edges for comfort.
  • Central yellow line for accurate overlap.

More Details

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