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The Great Exercise Handbooks

The Great Dumbbell Handbook

  • A practical well illustrated guide on how to use the most basic yet effective exercise tools - the mighty dumbbell.

The Great Body Ball Handbook

  • The Great Body Ball Handbook includes beginner and advanced exercises, stretches, and training tips.

The Great Medicine Ball Handbook

  • This handbook instructs you how to maximize the use of a medicine ball for core, stability, coordination, and strengthening exercises.

The Great Resistance Tubing Handbook

  • A complete guide to performing stretch, tubing, and/or band exercises.

The Great Yoga Handbook

  • 35 yoga exercises, or asanas, that are clearly explained.
  • Features easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and descriptive photos.
  • Learn the benefits of yoga, and how to use props and tools to further your practice.

The Great Foam Roller Handbook

  • Learn how foam rollers can be used to challenge and improve core, stability, posture, and strength; as well as improving range of motion, flexibility, and balance

The Great Home Gym Handbook

  • Handbook clearly explains how to set up a program to suit your goals.
  • 32 common home gym exercises for working your whole body
  • Learn about safety, stretching, and how to maintain your home gym.

The Great Kettlebell Handbook

  • Easy to follow color photos and instructions that guide you through each exercise
  • Includes 39 exercises and 3 sample routines.

The Great Heavy Bag Handbook

  • Whether you box, kickbox, or train for marital arts - learn a series of key punches, kicks, and punch-kick combinations.
  • Explanation on how to hang a heavy bag, wrap your hands, and stretch

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