Thumper® Maxi Pro Professional Massager

  • Patented Thumper Action sends energy perpendicular into tissue penetrates through all fascia layers relieving muscular tension and fatigue.
  • Anatomically designed massage spheres require no additional attachments.
  • Ergonomic handles placed at 90 degrees for ease of use and control.
  • Variable speed from 18 to 35 pulses/second and 4-position adjustable pressure knob to tailor the massage for best outcome.
  • Easy to clean just wipe with damp cloth.
  • Heavy duty fan cooled high torque DC motor provides long dependable service.
  • Hand manufactured in Canada ensuring the highest quality product.
  • Size: 8" W x 10" L x 7.5" H.
  • Weight: 7 lbs.

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