Travel Roller Acupressure Kit

  • Acupressure Kit Includes: 3 density acupressure balls, 6 feet of Mobility Band, and Travel Roller.
  • Dual density and 2 layers of foam for variable massage
  • Extra firm for deepest massage
  • Durable design that does not deform
  • Made with closed cell waterproof foam.
  • The Travel Roller has hollow storage compartment that can be used to store exercise bands, iPod, phone, or your personal travel items for easy access instead of the acupressure balls.
  • The Travel Roller is an extra firm and portable sized foam roller that has created incredible results and thousands of satisfied users.
  • The Travel roller allows the user to roll through the entire body - quads IT band lower back upper back shoulders armpit hamstrings calves feet and neck.
  • The ideal size 13" x 4" and dual density construction of the Travel Roller makes it a unique evolution of the foam roller.
  • The Travel Roll releases muscle tension alleviates pain.
  • Enhances balance body awareness muscle re-education flexibility and strength.
  • Conveniently fits in a gym bag or suitcase.


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