Triton TRT600 DTS Spine Therapy Table

Traction Unit Features

  • 5 unique DTS Pull Patterns deliver pulls designed to closely replicate the manual therapy experience
  • Pretension step eases guarding and provides greater comfort for the acute patient
  • Independent timer control for pretension pregression traction and regression
  • Automatice speed variation during the Progressive phase
  • Gradient Pulls oscillations and Progressive Range of Motion

Traction Table Features

  • Provides maximum patient comfort in prone and supine positions for both manual therapy and traction therapy
  • Pelvic Tilt section provides flexion of lumbar spine to improve positioning in traction. Pelvic tilt helps address pelvic asymmetry commonly seen in low back pain patients.
  • Adjustable table height from 52 - 104cm (20.5 - 40in)

Standard Accessories

  • Triton DTS Traction Unit
  • EMG Module
  • Triton DTS Card
  • Patient Interrupt/EMG Indicator Switch
  • Patient Data Cards (5x)
  • EMG Leadwire
  • Durastick 5cm Round Electrodes (4x)
  • Durastick 3cm Round Electrodes (4x)
  • User Manual on CD
  • Triton DTS Traction Table
  • QuickWrap DTS Belting System
  • Saunders Cervical Traction Device (with clevis)
  • Leg Bolster set
  • Black Naugahyde Wedge
  • Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback

More Details

$6,495.00 $5,795.00