Vanilla™ Splinting Material

Available is 1% perforation or smooth

Resistance to Stretch

  • Moderate resistance to stretch.
  • Tolerates minimum to moderate handling during splint molding.
  • Handle on a horizontal plane to form splint in a gravity-assisted position or vertical plane as well.
  • Smooth motions yield superior, sculpted results.


  • Moderate drape requires only light to moderate pressure to form contour fit
  • Memory
  • Minimum to moderate memory
  • Splints can be reheated and edges will remain smooth and closed.
  • Splints will hold their shape when mildly heated for easy fitting adjustments.


  • Moderate degree of rigidity.
  • A circumferential splint mad of Vanilla™ is flexible enough for easy donning and doffing, yet strong enough for immobilization.


  • The traditional coating allows splinting over bandages without adherence.
  • A pressed, wet bond will hold firmly but can be pulled apart when cooled.
  • Dry heating two surfaces will form a strong bond.
  • For a permanent bond, use solvent or scrape off coating, dry heat and press together.

Surface Finish

  • Moderate resistance to fingerprints and resists showing stains. To remove marks, lightly heat the surface and rub.
  • Smooth, self-sealing cut edges remain sealed even after reheating.


  • 1/8" Vanilla™ can be used for almost any splinting application. Use for adult and pediatric positioning, dynamic and static splinting, and for post-burn and post-surgical care.
  • 3/32" Vanilla™ is thin and lightweight, yet strong, and can be used for finger and hand splints. Ideal for arthritis splints, post-operative splints.

Working Time (1/8")

  • Allows three to five minutes to form and harden after softening in 160° F water

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