Velpeau Shoulder Immobilizer

  • Envelope style sling
  • Pouch made of canvas with loop for thumb to alleviate weight on the hand and wrist
  • Foam shoulder strap with hook and loop closure for easy application and patient comfort
  • Additional strap around the waist to help secure the arm close to the body
  • Latex free

To determine size measure the length of the forearm from the tip of the elbow (olecranon process) to the pinky MCP joint (knuckle)

Note: pouch length may fit slightly smaller than forearm measurement

Strap Length Pouch Length
X-Small 32" 10"
Small 36" 12 1/2"
Medium 39" 14"
Large 43" 16"
X-Large 50" 17 1/2"

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