Water Jel® Burn Dressing

  • Consists of a medical grade, non-woven dressing, infused with Water Jel® gel.
  • Bacteriostatic gel formulation works quickly in emergency burn situations.
  • Provides cool and soothing temporary relief of pain protects against contamination stops burn progression and lessens the chance of body fluid evaporation all in one step.
  • Lowers and stabilizes skin temperature; cools through transference not evaporation to reduce the risk of hypothermia
  • Water-based water-soluble gel is easy to remove can be applied directly over clothing and assists in the removal of burnt clothing
  • Non-toxic and non-irritating; will not harm the skin or eyes
  • Will not stick to the wound
  • Unaffected by prior freezing air travel and hot temperatures
  • Packaged in individual easy-to-open foil packages

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