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Chattanooga Rehab TENS/NMES

4 channel stimulator developed for Physiotherapists and Rehab Clinics that require a standard wireless option of electro-stimulation.

Meets all off the requirements a professional demands; pain management, treatment of vascular diseases, and muscle stimulation with basic programs.

Muscle Intelligence™ Technology

  • Mi-Ready (integrated MI Technology on all 4 channels, but Mi-Cable not included)
  • 4 functions: Mi-Scan, Mi-Tens, Mi-Range, Mi-Action


  • Choose on program for channel 1 and 2 and then select another program from the 2+2 program list for channel 3 and 4. This allows treatment of two different body parts, or two patients simultaneously, or combines NMES and TENS as one treatment.


  • Manage the session time and move directly to the next phase (recovery) when needed.

Motor Point Pen

  • This very useful tool in combination on with dedicated program helps to ensure the optimal electrode placement.


  • Creates and personalizes programs in order to customize the patient specific parameters.

Autonomy and Speed Recharge

  • Daily use autonomy with the charger included in the kit, a full cycle of recharging will take a maximum of 2.5 hours

Technical Specification

  • Constant Current: Up to resistance of Max 1300 Ohm/channel
  • Max Pulse Intensity: 120 mA
  • Pulse intensity increments: 0.25 mA
  • Pulse width: 30 to 400 µs
  • Pulse Frequency: 1 to 150 Hz

Programs to choose from

  • Pain Relief I
    • Tens 100Hz Gate Control
    • Freq Modulated Tens
    • Pulse width Mod Tens
    • Endorphinic
    • Decontraction
    • Burst
    • Burst Tens alternated
  • Rehabilitation I
    • Disuse atrophy
    • Reinforcement
    • Rev. of Disuse atrophy
    • Muscle Lesion
    • Motor Point
  • Vascuolar
    • Capillarisation
    • Heavy Legs
    • Venous insufficiency 1
    • Venous insufficiency 2
    • Arterial insufficency 1
    • Arterial Insufficient 2
    • Cramp prevention
  • Conditioning I
    • Resistance
    • Strength
    • Active Recovery
  • Custom Programs
  • NMES
    • Cont conventional
    • Cont modulated PW
    • Cont modulated freq
    • Burst
    • Intermitt conventional
    • Intermitt mod freq
  • TENS
    • Conventional
    • Burst
    • Burst TENS alternated
    • Modulated PW
    • Modulated Frequency

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